I am an established Graphic Designer of ten years experience. Passionate about portraiture and memorable character design. Additionally I am interested in making more visual development work.

Specialties: Logos, branding, print media, pattern design, digital illustration, packaging, and creative writing.

I think best on paper Whenever I'm working out where something will go, individual elements, color story, composition, values, I will have notes written about it in my notebook or sketchbook. In-between projects I study the software to refresh my knowledge or learn update news on the tools and I also take copious notes on that.

Looking to make story-based work with personality and appeal. Studied Graphic + Interactive Communication at Ringling College of Art + Design. 20062010 Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Proficient with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Procreate.
Working experience with Adobe InDesign and After Effects. Fluent in Spanish and English.


Comfortable experimenting with different styles
 Conscious of story while designing
Drawing for animation
Good draftsmanship
Iterative drawing process
• Lettering, type manipulation
Paper cut-out greeting cards and stationary
• Playing card production
Pop-up illustration
 Props, visual development, character design
Standardized forms
Tracking, kerning, rags, widows
• Vectoring
Website design
3-D paper models and packaging templates

11 years of experience designing for clients or firms.
Comfort creating large scale of iterations.
Comfort painting surfaces and texture.
Conscious of light and form when designing.
Experienced with iterative drawing process.
Mindful of story while drawing or designing.

Located in Southen California.